Since GoPro cameras can be mounted nearly anywhere with the huge selection of mounts and accessories available, this camera offers amazing possibilities. You have the chance to capture photos and videos from vantage points that have never been seen before, taking your photography and videography to the next level. If you need some great ideas for using your GoPro, here’s a look at five amazing uses for a GoPro camera.

1 – Sports Training and Coaching

Since GoPro cameras are easy to strap on with a chest harness mount, they work very well for sports training and coaching. Rugby, football, and soccer coaches often have athletes strap on GoPro cameras while they are training. This allows athletes and their coaches to review and evaluate specific moves to see the efficacy of the move. Since the GoPro offers a first-person view from the eyes of the player, it makes it easier for coaches and athletes to see potential problems with moves and how they can be improved.

2 – Aerial Photography

With quadcopters like the DJI Phantom, now it’s easy to hook your GoPro up to a quadcopter and take it up in the sky to do some aerial photography. Aerial photos and videos offer a completely new perspective on things, and this type of photography is becoming very popular. However, if you choose to take your GoPro up with a quadcopter, make sure it’s secured and in tough housing to avoid destroying the camera if the quadcopter crashes.

3 – Animal Documentary

Have you ever wanted to know what animals do all day long? With the GoPro, you can do your own animal documentary. Strap it on your dog to see what he’s doing at home all day or try to get it attached to a wild animal. One guy even had an animal steal his GoPro and got an amazing view of the world from the view of a Sea Gull. Of course, you do not want to hurt your pet, so make sure you do this in a humane way if you want to try it.

4 – Diving Photos and Videos

Professional diving cameras can be extremely expensive, but with the right GoPro housing, you can easily take your camera diving to catch some great photos and videos underwater. If you’re going to shoot underwater, you’ll need an aftermarket flat lens if you have a HERO or HERO2 GoPro. If you have the HERO 3, you probably will not have a problem, although you may want a red filter to help reduce the overpowering blues that you will encounter while you’re shooting underwater. You will also need to do something to deal with the fog that can occur underwater, so purchasing anti-fog inserts is important so fog doesn’t ruin your underwater photos and videos.


5 – Capture Extreme Sports Action

Of course, one of the coolest ways to use your GoPro is to capture extreme sports action. The GoPro is all about capturing daring, exciting sports moments, whether you’re skydiving, rock climbing, or heading down a mountain on a snowboard. These cameras are also great for capturing the action on a surfboard. You can find a Go Pro kiteboarding or surf mount to make it easy to capture stunning photos that show surfing or kiteboarding from a new perspective.