By: Cody Potapoff
My name is Cody Potapoff. I've been into Kiteboarding ever since I was 7 and interested in filmmaking my whole life. I'm currently riding for Liquid Force Kites and a proud ambassador of Camrig. Follow me and my adventures on Instagram 

Before you can even start editing you need to capture some raw footage. If you don't have the luxury of a professional cameraman, may I suggest using Camrig Mounts. Their Line Mount is my personal favorite, although I use more than that one.

From my experience producing video I wanted to share 5 important observations:

1) Before you even start editing, find the song you want. The song controls how you edit. Insert your song before inserting your clips and find certain beats you would like to cut on. Cutting on beats give your video a more professional feel.

2) Colour Correct. Play with the colour correction on your video to balance the colours between clips or to give your video a certain feel. Colour correction always adds production value and can make or break a video.

3) Intro. If a song has an intro, so should your video. An intro could be anything from you setting up, to a compilation of cinematic shots of the location you are riding.

4) Make sure you use a variety of different shots. Don't shoot a whole video on just the line mount or the strut mount. Use them all for the best result. People get tired of looking at the same angle. Keep it interesting and get creative!

5) Rules are meant to be broken. Every rule or tip you have heard about filmmaking are just guidelines. They can be broken for effect and if done right, look amazing."