With your GoPro, it is possible to capture the adrenaline pumping action of your favorite Go Pro Kite Boarding activities. You’ll then have a chance to relive the action time and again, from the comfort of your home. But how do you protect this device when you’re in the middle of action, or storing it for travel? The best way is to follow these 10 tips that work no matter if you are out on the water or traveling to your next adventure.

1. Always clamp your GoPro securely to your helmet or the kite. Check the clamp often to verify it hasn’t started to come loose. Each time you tighten the clamps, be sure to check to verify the camera is capturing the best shots possible.

2. Purchase a carrying case for your GoPro. This case will safely store your GoPro while you’re on the go. This reduces the risk of it getting damaged in your luggage. When selecting a case, find one that allows you to secure the camera in place.

3. Dry the GoPro off after each adventure. While the device is waterproof, it is still a good idea to wipe it down. This prevents buildup, water spots and other concerns from forming.

4. Never store the camera in the same bag as wet items. Tossing your camera in the same bag as wet towels increases the risk of damage to the GoPro camera. This is especially the case if you’ve been to the ocean. The salt water is hard on devices, even those that are waterproof.

5. Don’t toss it in the sand or on the dirt. While the GoPro is a highly durable camera, it does have its limitations. Sand and dirt can get inside of the device and cause problems. If you aren’t using the camera, place it in the carrying case, rather than in the sand and dirt.

6. Invest in static free wiping cloths. These cloths are designed for use on camera lenses. When spots of water, dust or other concerns appear on the lens, you’ll have the ability to safely wipe them off. These static free cloths won’t leave behind scratches, ensuring you continue to have the best video capture possible.

7. Avoid tossing the carrying case on the ground. While carrying cases absorb some shock, it is still a good idea to handle the camera with care. Gently set down the case when you arrive at the beach and handle it with care.

8. Don’t flaunt your device off to the world. Keeping a device safe goes beyond avoiding damage. A GoPro camera will capture the interest of thieves. While enjoying it on the beach, avoid flaunting it. When not in use, keep a close eye on it.

9. Consider engraving your name and phone number on the unit. Having your name and phone number engraved on the GoPro and the battery is a good way to reduce the risk of theft. Thieves tend to shy away from items that are easily to prove are stolen.